July 4, 2017
Elizabeth in In Trend

Is Kissing Good for You?

International Kissing Day is on Thursday July 6th this year, but before you go lay one on the first person you see, do you know the pros and cons of kissing? And is kissing good for you?

What are the benefits of kissing?

What are the benefits of kissing?

  • Happy hormonesIn the same way that exercise releases feel-good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, a good kissing session does exactly the same. It also decreases cortisol, the stress hormone, leading to a reduction in anxiety. Oxytocin is even referred to as the ‘love hormone’!
  • Increased blood flowKissing helps to dilate your blood vessels, which in turn gets your heart pumping and reduces your blood pressure. In addition, this increased blood flow can help ease pain, particularly for headaches and menstrual cramps.
  • Cavity killerSmooching increases the flow of saliva (apologies for that mental image) which helps to wash away plaque on your teeth. Not only that, but your saliva releases antibodies which can help kill bacteria.
  • Kissing as exerciseDid you know that a vigorous make out session burns calories? Maybe not enough to give up the gym entirely, but a puckering up can burn between 8 – 16 calories per smooch. Not only that, if you’re worried about the natural dropping of the face which occurs with aging, you’ll be happy to hear that kissing can help lift your facial, neck and jaw muscles to keep you looking youthful for longer.
  • Longer lifeNot only does regular kissing boost your self-esteem, helping you to feel more loved and connected, but it can also effect how successful you are at work. A smooch from your partner as you leave the house means that you can focus your energies elsewhere as your emotional side is reassured. It’s also been discovered that couples who regularly kiss tend to live 5 years longer than those who don’t!
  • Nature, babyKissing is the first step to finding out if you and a potential partner are sexually compatible. If you don’t enjoy making out with each other, chances are that baby making is off the cards! And lastly, even animals do it (chimpanzees love a French Kiss), proving it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Now, we don’t know about you, but that huge list of reasons has pretty much convinced us that we ought to be kissing every day, not just on the 6th! But before we go around smooching every poor soul we come across, we ought to consider if there are any negative consequences to kissing.

What are the cons of kissing?

What are the cons of kissing?

  • DumpingIt’s pretty obvious this one. Bad kissing = high likelihood of getting dumped…But then again, if your kissing isn’t compatible, you probably weren’t a stellar match in the first place. Next!
  • AddictionDon’t laugh, but the hormones released in kissing can lead to addiction, in the same way to exercise or drugs can.
  • DiseaseThis is the big negative consequence of kissing. The potential spread of disease is a very real possibility. Ever heard of Mono? Gum disease, typhoid, and cold sores can also all be passed through kissing, which is why it’s important to both look after your oral health and be sure about who you’re locking lips with!

While there’s no denying that there are some health risks involved with kissing, we think it’s pretty clear that the huge benefits outweigh any pesky chance of disease! So, is kissing good for you? The answer, undeniably, is yes.

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