15 of the Most Memorable Grammy Moments of All Time

15 of the Most Memorable Grammy Moments of All Time

While the Grammy Awards are about music, we often hear about them for the fashion, the crazy acceptance speeches, the controversy, and the performances. Here we round-up some of the most memorable Grammy moments of all time.

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2017 - The most recent Grammy Awards is not only famous for the touching moment between Adele and Beyonce, or their amazing performances, but for activism. Many of the performances and speeches were political in nature, commenting on environmental and social causes.

2016 - People had a lot to say about Lady Gaga and her David Bowie tribute. Love it or hate it, she gave it her all and tried to transform herself in his image in order to honor him. It was undoubtedly a memorable performance, maybe mostly for its oddity. 

Lady Gaga grammys 2016

Image: WireImage

2014 - If 2000 was the year of the dress, then 2014 was the year of the hat. Pharrell’s over-sized brown hat spawned many memes, had its own Twitter account, and eventually raised over $40,000 for charity.

Pharrell in a big hat

Image: Getty Images

2012 - The day before the awards show in 2012, the world lost a music legend. Whitney Houston died less than 24 hours before the event, but was alive again in spirit as Jennifer Hudson sang a touching tribute by performing ‘I Will Always Love You.’

2011 - Lady Gaga made a lasting impression that year when she arrived on the red carpet inside an egg. During her performance of “Born This Way”, she hatched from the egg on stage, creating a very Gaga performance piece.

Gaga in an egg

Image: Getty Images

2008 - One of the most nominated artists of 2008, Amy Winehouse, was denied a visa to enter the US to perform at the Grammys. She performed from London via satellite.

Amy WInehouse

Image: Getty Images

2008 - In another Grammy moment for Beyonce, her star power convinces Tina Turner out of retirement to perform “Proud Mary” for the Grammy Awards’ 50th anniversary.

2001 - Eminem has not been one to run from controversy. He practically welcomes it. During the 2001 Grammy Awards, he made a statement by performing his song “Stan” with Elton John, following complaints that the lyrics to many of his songs were homophobic.

2000 - If you remember anything from this year, it would be the dress. J.Lo’s Versace scarf dress made headlines around the world and across the internet.

J. Lo in Versace dress

Image: Getty Images

1998 - Bob Dylan had a special surprise guest during his performance of “Love Sick”, when Michael Portnoy jumped on stage with the words ‘Soy Bomb’ painted across his bare chest.

Bob Dylan and soy bomb

 Image: Getty Images

1998 - Kanye was not the original acceptance speech interrupter. All the way back in 1998, Wu-Tang Clan member, ODB, interrupted Shawn Colvin’s acceptance speech for Song of the Year. His message: that Wu-Tang are for the children.

Wu-tang at the Grammys

Image: Getty Images

1990 - You might not remember a Milli Vanilli song, but you probably remember that they lip-synced to other singers. For this, their 1990 Grammy was taken away, the first time that had ever happened.

1984 - The early 80s were known as the years when Michael Jackson started his solo career and launched himself to worldwide superstardom. It's no surprise then that in 1984, he won 8 Grammy Awards in one night, a record which has yet to be broken.

Michael Jackson Grammys

Image: WireImage

1974 - Roberta Flack becomes the first artist to win back-to-back Record of the Year awards—“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” in 1973 and “Killing Me Softly” in 1974.

Roberta Flack Grammys

Image: Getty Images

1973 - Back in 1973, Helen Reddy caused quite a stir when she accepted her award for best pop performance by first thanking God, and then referring to God as “she”.

While some artists have boycotted the show or stated that the awards are no longer relevant, we are certain that as long as the ceremony continues, there will be plenty more memorable moments for us to enjoy! If you're big music lovers like our editors at PromoPony, be sure to check out our Movies & Music category to see all the latest coupons.