12 New Sports Trends to Try in 2017

12 New Sports Trends to Try in 2017

When you consider sports you probably think of football, baseball, soccer, or basketball. But if you are looking for something new, just check out this list. New sports are invented or become trendy every year, and one of these could be your new calling!

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Baseball. Soccer. Football. Basketball. Tired of the regular sports that everyone seems to play or watch at one point another in their lives? Well, the great thing about sports is that they evolve and change all the time. There are new sports being invented every year. If you're in the mood for something new, check out these trendy new sports and get a group of friends together to play a game or even create a league if you are feeling extra ambitious.

Let's get sporty...

Let's get sporty...

  • Crossminton

To give you a better idea of what this game is about, it used to be called speed badminton. It's a cross between many racket sports: badminton, squash, and tennis. The game requires no net and can be played anywhere. It uses a special racket and ball called a speeder, which is sort of like a heavier version of the shuttlecock used in badminton. 


Image: crossminton.eu

  • 360ball

360ball is sort of like racquetball, but instead of using a rectangular room where players hit the ball off the wall, in 360ball, players use a circular area and hit the ball off a disc in the center of the court. The rules are similar to racquetball in that a player scores a point when they bounce the ball off the disc and the other play can't return it. 

Image: Duran de Villiers

  • Yakball

In Yakball, players use a regular soccer ball, but instead of using a net, they score points by hitting a 3-by-6 foot box painted on a wall, 4 feet off the ground. The rules are a cross between soccer and lacrosse. The player who has the ball can be hit and the ball can only be moved around by running, throwing, or heading. No kicking is allowed. 

Image: Michael Taylor

  • Hungerball

A game of Hungerball will really test your soccer skills. The game is played based on soccer rules but is played in a circular inflatable area. There are six goals and players can score points by hitting the ball in any one of them. One player starts the game with possession of the ball in the middle of the circle. After that, it's an all-out brawl. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor... 

Image: Dragos Florea

  • FootGolf

As the name implies, the game involves kicking a ball into a large hole. The rules of golf apply to this game, it’s just played with a soccer ball and no clubs are needed. 

Image: West Virginia Department of Commerce

  • Droneboarding

Apart from spying on people, drones can also be used for sports, who knew? Droneboarding is sort of exactly what is sounds like—a drone dragging people on boards. This sport has the potential to be used for snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and other board sports. There is even such a thing as the Drone Racing League. 

Image: Getty Images

  • Hantis

Hantis is similar to table tennis but uses four tables and one ball. Four players stand around the tables and hit the ball back and forth with their hands. The goal, similar to tennis, is to have the ball hit the table of the opposing team without them being able to return it. 

Image: ASI Cal Poly Pomona

  • Hammerfield

If you love sports and comics, this is the game for you. Hammerfield is based on the character, Thor from Marvel Comics. During gameplay, players have to carry a hammer and try to throw it at the goal or hit the goal with the hammer.

Image: Top End Sports

  • Knuckle Racket

Forget swinging a plain old racket, there is a new way to play racket sports: Knuckle Racket. These rackets fit over each of the player’s hands and they have to hit the ball by punching it. It's played very similarly to other racket sports, especially racquetball, but with elements of boxing added in. 

Image: Top End Sports

  • Bandy

While Bandy is not yet popular in the US, it's actually the second most popular winter sport after ice hockey. There are even some people who are petitioning for it to become an Olympic sport. The game is very similar to ice hockey except that it uses a ball instead of a puck, and incorporates rules of soccer and field hockey. 

Image: Wikipedia

  • Sepak Takraw

While this game is not new, it will probably be new to many people in the US. The game plays a lot like volleyball, except that players can hit the ball over the net using any body part other than their hands. Hopefully, you are flexible because for this game you'll certainly need to be. You might want to take up yoga for a few months before trying this one. 

Image: Wikipedia

  • Bossaball

Just a quick look at the picture and you can see why this might be one of best sports ever. Trampolines—check. Giant inflatable court—check. Just those two things alone, and we're sold. Players work to get the ball over the net using elements of soccer and volleyball. They get points based on whether they use a volley touch or a soccer touch.

Image: Wikipedia

So, you're bored of the classics? We don’t blame you. Well, now there is no excuse not to be playing sports. Get out there and try some of the new, well new to us, sports being played all over the world! If you're looking for more inspiration, why not read our tips on how to exercise without spending a penny—you might be surprised how easy it is.