Runway to Room: Spring 2017 Fashion Trends & How to Bring Them Home

Runway to Room: Spring 2017 Fashion Trends & How to Bring Them Home

The top fashion shows in New York, London, Paris and Milan might feel like a million miles away from your humble home, but it’s far easier than you might imagine to take inspiration from what’s en Vogue and translate it into the everyday. Fashion and interiors are intrinsically linked, so looking to the catwalk to decide what color to decorate your bedroom might sound ludicrous, but stick with us, and we promise to show you just how accessible trends can really be.

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Keeping up with trends can be an exhausting (and expensive) business, but high-fashion colors and patterns eventually make their way into the clothes and homeware that you might find at Target or Macy’s—so whether you like it or not, the catwalk does influence your closet. Why not get ahead of the game and look at what the fashionistas are going nuts about right now? We’re not suggesting that you re-style your home for every season, as that is at best, highly impractical for most people, and at worst, a huge waste of your hard-earned dollars. However, if you’re in desperate need of a home refresh, looking at the seasonal trends is a fabulous way to kick-start your imagination.

We’ve chosen six big fashion trends for spring 2017 to highlight—ranging from shocking pink to sheer chiffon layers—with easy-as-pie tips for how to use them as inspiration for your interiors…

#1—Pretty in Pink

Hermes Vogue pink outfit


Shocking fuchsia, bubblegum and blushing rose shades stunned the Spring ’17 catwalk. Be inspired by these hot hues and give your own home a daring makeover. Paint an accent wall in strawberry or invest in a magenta-toned couch to give your living room a new focal point. Keep it classy by pairing the pink with white and cream tones, to avoid the saccharine My Little Pony look. If you adore these shades, but feel apprehensive about committing to such a statement shade, simply nod to the trend with your accents—a trio of bubblegum cushion covers, fuchsia-infused candle holders or a rose-pink piece of canvas art would equally add a breath of fresh air into any interior.

Bright pink chair in living room

#2—Sailor Stripes

Banana Republic Vogue striped pinsuit

Banana Republic

The classic American palette of red, white and blue is given a nautical vibe this spring season with wide, graphic stripes. Full of preppy ‘house at the Hamptons’ energy, this loud pattern is perfect for giving your home a youthful facelift, but has the added bonus of longevity—both stripes and this color combination never fade far from being in trend! Try a pair of pinstriped armchairs, a bold rug, new bed sheets or even drapes for the living room—focus on your soft furnishings and textiles, so your new stripes can really shine.

#3—Spread the Word

Christian Dior Hermes slogan t shirt

Christian Dior

Slogans, buzzwords and big ole’ political statements are the typographic tune of the moment. One of the easiest ways to refresh any scheme, whether it’s in your kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom, is with some brand-new cushion covers or some striking wall art. Quick and inexpensive, what more could you want? Look for simple designs with cheeky slogans to channel a bit of Christian Dior in your own home.

Living room with slogan wall art

#4—Sheer Importance

Giambattista Valli Vogue sheer layers

Giambattista Valli

Soft and feminine chiffon layers were all over the catwalks for Spring 2017, and although they might be somewhat impractical for everyday wear, they can easily be translated into your interiors for a sense of haute couture. Layering is the key to taking sheer material from trashy to trendy—think tables draped in sheets of black lace and windows dressed in pairs of white and cream chiffon. The material here softens hard edges around your home for a sensuous and subtle style that will take you right through into summer.

#5—Hit the White

Derek Lam Vogue all white

Derek Lam

Spring heralds a fresh start, so it was no surprise to see a white out on the catwalk for this season. Instead of stark white, the focus was more on cream, bone, and ivory shades. One of the simplest ways to instantly revive any space in your home is to give it a new lick of paint, so why not go with one of these pure shades for a classic look that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon? If you’re ready for a big revamp, look at investing in a creamy-hued couch, linen-covered chairs and old lace-toned accents to really go big with the white trend.

All white living room interior

#6—Flower Power

Miu Miu Vogue flower dress

Miu Miu

Loud, retro florals with a 60s vibe are not going anywhere, and are great for adding a spring both into your step and your home! Go for mustard tones and your florals will take you right through summer and into fall. Bright, light blues or psychedelic purples add a fun twist, and more muted shades are perfect for a pretty but understated look. Choose one key accent piece, such as an armchair, tablecloth, or statement wall to adorn in spring florals, otherwise you might risk overcrowding your space (which can make it look smaller).

So, there you have it, six high-fashion trends which can easily add pep to your own personal palace! However, don’t forget—trends come and go, so only choose those that really speak to you. You ought to love the clothes you wear and the home you live in because they are styled just the way you like—and screw anyone who says differently!

All catwalk images sourced from Vogue.