July 5, 2017
Elizabeth in Lifestyle

How to Go on a Cheap Date (Without Looking Like a Cheap Date)

Regardless of your gender or sexual preferences, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that dating is a costly game. Firstly, you’ve got to dress to impress, then you need to pick a location which wows the other person, and lastly, there’s the whole business of who picks up the check. Oh wait, and the potential taxi home…ouch.
 June 30, 2017
Andy in Lifestyle

The 11 Best Ways to Learn Any Language Fast

When you think of learning a new language, images of high school might come to mind. Sitting in front of books being forced to repeat phrases. But language learning can be a really fun process and it doesn't have to take years of sitting in a classroom. Check out these tips on how to learn any language fast.
 June 30, 2017
Andy in Lifestyle

The Best Kids Movies for Adults We're Not Ashamed to Say We Love

When's the last time you watched a kids movie and liked it more than your kids did? When's the last time you went to see a kids movie without any kids? You can probably think of at least once within the last few months. And with summer time comes more kids movies, so hopefully you can find some time to see those, alongside these classics.
 June 6, 2017
Andy in Lifestyle

Celebrity Cookbooks We Love (and Love to Hate)

Does your favorite celebrity have a cookbook? Probably. Does it mean it's great? Not really. Check out these celebrity cookbooks that we love and also love to hate, to find out who thinks they have something to offer. We can't guarantee they really have anything to offer, though, except maybe a few laughs.
 May 15, 2017
Andy in Lifestyle

Cycling to Work and Other Activities for National Bike Month

If you're looking for an excuse to start cycling to work or finding a bike for your kids, May is the month for you. National Bike Month is full of great bike-related events. But if it's not, here are some ways to get involved in creating them yourself.
 May 15, 2017
Elizabeth in Lifestyle

Everything You Need to Know About Throwing an Outdoor Garden Party

Unless you live in a perpetually sunny state, the arrival of June for most people means the beginning of summer. Suddenly, there is a need to do everything outdoors in order to make the most of it, and parties are no exception. Is your garden prepped and ready? Or do you need some garden party decoration and planning ideas…look no further, our editors have compiled some easy-to-follow tips for fuss-free alfresco parties.
 May 10, 2017
Elizabeth in Lifestyle

Top 11 Pinterest Wedding Cakes inspired by Movies

Everyone wants their wedding day to be special, but how is it possible to come up with unique ideas for such an age-old tradition? Well, with cake of course!
 April 27, 2017
Andy in Lifestyle

Build Your Own Grill and Throw an Epic Backyard BBQ Party

Time to fire up the grill and invite your friends and family over for a backyard BBQ. But before you do, why not party in style with a brand new grill area and a perfectly planned party?
 April 26, 2017
Elizabeth in Lifestyle

7 Ways to Bring Your Holiday Back Home with You

There’s nothing quite like two solid weeks on an Indonesian beach or a trip-of-a-lifetime to Paris to make you feel down in the dumps about being back home, back to work, and back to reality. Unfortunately, we can’t help much with the back to work issue, but what we can do is offer some easy and practical tips on how to help soften your return home.
 April 13, 2017
Andy in Lifestyle

An Expert Guide to the World’s Greatest Road Trips

Wondering where to go or how to get there? Check out this guide to get all the best places and tips for the road.
 March 28, 2017
Scott in Lifestyle

Anti-Malware Software—Necessary for Online Survival

When it comes to anti-malware software, the only thing stopping you from getting a nasty Trojan on your computer or smartphone is its protection. Invest in a great anti-malware package, and you will save yourself thousands of headaches (and potentially money down the line).
 March 24, 2017
Margaret in Lifestyle

Why You Should Try a Dating App

Love is in the air this spring as new relationships are blossoming. Think of where all of your friends and family members have met their significant others. The older crowd will most likely have met each other through friends or work. Meanwhile, the younger generation is beginning to rely heavily on dating apps to meet their partners. That’s because there is no better way to meet somebody that you are (scientifically at least) compatible with! Dating apps allow you to narrow down exactly the type of person that you’re searching for within a reasonable search radius.