18 Amazing Airbnb Vacation Rentals from Around the World

18 Amazing Airbnb Vacation Rentals from Around the World

Every year, usually as it starts to warm up, maybe you face the same dilemma: where to go on vacation? Planning a vacation can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Where should you go? How long will you stay for? Who is going with you? And, the big one, how much is all this going to cost?

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If you are bogged down by all the questions or tired of the same old thing, year after year, then check out our round-up of unique Airbnb properties that will give your next vacation a little something extra. Don’t forget to check out PromoPony’s Airbnb coupons, so that you can vacation in style and in budget!

#1—Tree House – Atlanta, GA

Tree House – Atlanta, GA airbnb

This might just be the place to make one of your childhood dreams come true: living in a tree house. All three rooms are connected by rope bridges, and you can even wheel the bed outside to fall asleep listening to the insects and the steam underneath the house.

#2—Fairytale Cottage – Cornwall, England

Fairytale Cottage – Cornwall, England airbnb

This whimsical little cottage by the sea offers quirky decor and a treehouse. It has been specially crafted to make you feel like you are living out of a page from your favorite fairytale.

#3—Castle – Jaipur, India

Castle – Jaipur, India airbnb

If you are looking for a bit of exotic royalty, Talabgaon Castle in India is a good place to start. It comes with a swimming pool, garden, and 24-hour room service, so you will feel like the royalty you’ve always dreamed of being!

#4—Houseboat – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Houseboat – Amsterdam, The Netherlands airbnb

What better way to experience Amsterdam than from the things that make it so famous: its canals. This luxury houseboat is in the center of the city, so it is only a short distance from all of the city’s main attractions.

#5—Hobbit Hut – Geyserville, CA

Hobbit Hut – Geyserville, CA

If you are looking for something a little more down to earth, you can rent this hut with its earthen floor, grass roof, and location in an exotic animal sanctuary.

#6—Lighthouse – New South Wales, Australia

Lighthouse – New South Wales, Australia

For your own private getaway along the coast of Australia, this lighthouse awaits. It has been restored so that you can have all the modern conveniences inside while you enjoy the natural beauty around you.

#7—Gypsy Wagon – Cornwall, England

Gypsy Wagon – Cornwall, England

Experience life as a gypsy in this traditional gypsy caravan in Cornwall. It was built with traditional wheels and features an original Queen stove. There is a separate shower for all guests.

#8—Dairsie Castle - St Andrews, Scotland

Dairsie Castle - St Andrews, Scotland airbnb

Sorry, knights don’t come with the deal, nor do princes or princesses, but you can still stay in a castle! How many people can say that? This 12th-century castle features four-poster beds, a dining hall, dungeon, and an orchard.

#9—Bamboo House - Ubud, Bali

Bamboo House - Ubud, Bali airbnb

This stunning four-story villa in the middle of the forest is a beautiful way to relax. You have probably been in a place like this before, with its bamboo structure and furniture, but this place takes it to a new level.

#10—Old Smock Windmill - Benenden, UK

Old Smock Windmill - Benenden, UK

Sitting in the countryside is a former windmill that has now been converted and upgraded into a four-story home. This place still has the essence and uniqueness of what it would be like to live in a windmill.

#11—John Steinbeck's Studio - Pacific Grove, US

John Steinbeck's Studio - Pacific Grove, US airbnb

Whether or not you are a literary scholar or a fan of Steinbeck, this studio, which he used often to relax and write, is a great place to stay for some rest and relaxation.

#12—Train Caboose - Agoura Hills, CA

Train Caboose - Agoura Hills, CA airbnb

This train caboose used to house an entire train crew. You can imagine that was probably not the best stay. But now the caboose has been given an upgrade and provides a luxury stay with views of the Santa Monica mountains and is only a short trip from Los Angeles.

#13—200-Year-Old Church - Athenry, Galway, Ireland

200-Year-Old Church - Athenry, Galway, Ireland airbnb

Maybe more of a religious experience is your thing. If you are a fan of the architecture of churches or if you’ve always wanted a taste of life as a monk or nun, there is a church for you in Ireland. Bookeen Hall, built in 1808, is a great place for a good night’s rest surrounded by fields, woodlands, and the gothic architecture of the early 1800s.

#14—Cube House - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cube House - Rotterdam, Netherlands airbnb

For a unique perspective inside, try living for a night in one of these cube houses. The angled walls provide a new way of looking at life indoors.

#15—Igloo Village - Plagne Mâcot-la-Plagne, Rhone-Alpes, France

Igloo Village - Plagne Mâcot-la-Plagne, Rhone-Alpes, France

If you aren’t afraid of a little cold or heights, live in a mountain igloo might be for you. Almost 7,000 feet up, you can enjoy some snow, ice, and hot wine before snuggling into your igloo bed.

#16—School - Groningen, Netherlands

School - Groningen, Netherlands airbnb

Feeling nostalgic for school? Now you can live there! The former school has now been turned into a home that can hold 10 people. It has two roof terraces and a garden.

#17—The Seashell House - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The Seashell House - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

You have to be in love with shells to stay here. They are everywhere. Even the house itself looks like two giant shells. This property has many modern luxuries and decor that you will find nowhere else.

#18—Teepees on a Farm - Meitar, Israel

Teepees on a Farm - Meitar, Israel

For a taste of the old American West, you might have to leave the United States and head to Israel. On an olive farm near the Ritma Ruins, you can rent teepees and live like Native Americans.

Have you got your bags packed already? We have! But you better book these places soon. They are so unique, they fill up fast. Bon voyage!

All images sourced from Airbnb.