Why You Should Try a Dating App

Why You Should Try a Dating App

Love is in the air this spring as new relationships are blossoming. Think of where all of your friends and family members have met their significant others. The older crowd will most likely have met each other through friends or work. Meanwhile, the younger generation is beginning to rely heavily on dating apps to meet their partners. That’s because there is no better way to meet somebody that you are (scientifically at least) compatible with! Dating apps allow you to narrow down exactly the type of person that you’re searching for within a reasonable search radius.

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More and more people are signing up for dating websites and apps by the day—there's no longer any stigma or embarrassment by admitting you spent your Friday night on a Tinder date. If you're interested in finding either a short spring fling or a lasting relationship, read through our list of the top four best dating apps! 

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Online dating

  1. Ok Cupid
    Ok Cupid is one of the best free dating apps out on the market, because it's incredibly versatile. You’re able to gear Ok Cupid towards the types of relationships that you’re looking for. You can easily find both short term and long term connections on Ok Cupid. This dating app works by asking you a bunch of questions, and then matching you to other people based on your percentage of compatibility. This way you will be matched with other singles in your area that answered the questions along the same lines as you did, which avoids any awkward personality or belief clashes on the first date.
  2. Tinder
    Tinder is a free dating app that is geared more towards casual relationships. That is not to say that it’s impossible to find a serious relationship on Tinder, but most people go into Tinder expecting casual dates. Tinder allows you to swipe either “yes” or “no” across a series of profiles. If you and your match both swipe “yes” on one another’s profiles, you will be alerted. Tinder does not allow match you with other singles based on compatibility, so you should go into this dating app expecting a little casual fun.
  3. Match.com
    For those of us interested in a serious, long term relationship, there is no better dating app than Match.com! Unfortunately, you do have to pay to use Match.com, but this allows you to weed out the individuals not as invested in finding a relationship. Match.com is advertised as having created the most dates, relationships, and marriages out of any other dating app on the market. You can sign up for a free trial to see for yourself if its worth the money.
  4. Bumble
    Bumble is a clone of Tinder, but with a fun twist. Like Tinder, this dating app is free and you swipe either “yes” or “no” on potential matches. However, on Bumble men cannot message women first. The woman has to be one to send the message first. This largely limits the amount of messages that a woman has to go through on a dating app, and allows her to be more selective with the men that she is interested in. For this reason, Bumble is becoming more and more popular among women!