How to Combat Travel Anxiety

How to Combat Travel Anxiety

Wanderlust is something that many millennials and retirees have encountered when the weather starts to turn just a little bit nicer in late winter. No longer are you worried about snow or rain, but instead planning your summer adventures with friends or loved ones. However, many people who dream of globetrotting are kept at home with travel anxiety. It is a tough disease to overcome, but there are some proven methods to help and ease you while travelling. Now is the time to regain your freedom!

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#1—Invent stories

For those with travel anxiety, you’re always going to work up potential negative scenarios in your head. These scenarios are fiction, a storybook, and you need to remember that. Instead of filling your head with negative stories, start a counter-story that is positive and outlines the ideal chain of events. A positive attitude will allow you to deal with any possible issues that do arise, and imagining your demise is not going to help you or the people you are travelling with.

#2—Plan ahead, and know your destination

Going to a new place can be stressful for all, and for those with travel anxiety, it can be absolutely horrible. However, you can prepare for your visit, and limit those worries. Don’t just stop at reading guide books that are available at your local Barnes & Noble or bookstore, try and find blogs from regular travelers. As well, utilize YouTube and take virtual tours of the town given by expats, or locals. This will not only relieve some of your anxiety, but allow you to visit some places that are not in the guidebooks, or full of tourists.

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#3—Diet and exercise

It may seem simple, but blood glucose levels and exercise have a significant effect on how you’re going to feel on a travel day. Before your flight, head to the gym or go for a run to ensure that your blood is circulating well. In addition, exercising releases endorphins that allow you to be positive, which is going to help. Further to this, eat a balanced diet with frequent snacks to engage your metabolism and level your blood sugars. Avoid a dip in blood sugar as it is proven to cause irritability and will amplify any dormant fears or anxieties.

#4—Download music or a podcast

Travel anxiety is much like a small child, so if you can distract your mind it will subside. Music is a great tool to distract your mind and jam out a little while you’re at it. When making a playlist, focus on a great time you had during said music, and start collecting songs. Additionally, you can turn to podcasts that offer in-depth discussions on topics that are engaging such as Hello Internet or Joe Rogan.

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Travel anxiety can be a speed bump, but when you focus on providing your brain with the right preparation and distractions, travel days can go by without an issue. Focus on positive thoughts, and never have the fear of missing out again. Now, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and enjoy the beach!