Crafting The Right Hobby

Crafting The Right Hobby

With the influx of thousands on Pintrest, crafting has become a world of its own. Now you can join them with these great tips and ticks.

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Pinterest has been getting a lot of attention lately, with all its recipes and creative ideas. With so many inspiring ideas in one place, it's hard not to get crafty, and what better place to start?

Crafting letter supplies

When beginning to craft, it's important that you try to look at every possible angle of the art. Whether it's homemade bath bombs or a creative table decoration, there is a lot of room for error. Following the instructions step-by-step and informing yourself by reading the online comments from others you've tried really helps. It allows you to perfect the recipe or DIY and ensure that there aren't any unwanted surprises. 

After the first try, take a look at the piece. Does it have anything off about it? If so, why did that happen? Make a second batch, and really try to correct it. If you’re a perfectionist, try all the variables, so that one or two will come out perfectly. That way, you know how to make a full batch of perfect ones. If you’re a little more open to “creative license”, then there are a lot fewer steps. 

Decorating cupcakes at home

Once you’ve mastered one craft, try another, or make something else. In no time, your home will be filled with handmade decorations, and you will be the talking point at gatherings, where your art or creations are on display. Making little candy turkeys or small clown sculptures are great ways to show off your creativity and have something new and rewarding in your life.

It is best to craft early in the day so that you have plenty of time to make up for mistakes. If perhaps the bath bombs don’t come out right, you feel less stressed and are able to make sure that they are done on time. Occasionally slip ups happen, and it's best to have extra time. Even if no mistakes are made, you can look at your creations with a nice glass of Chardonnay and marvel at your own creativity.

Colorful crafting supplies

Using online sources is the best way to create and try new crafts. If you wake up one morning and realize that there are no new window decorations, then you can just pop that into google. Tons of different ideas will come up, you just have to choose the one that works best for you and your space. Once you have taken a look at different sites or recipes, pick one, and try it. Whether it works or not, you know how not do it next time or the perfect way to do it. It helps to attend classes or seminars where an expert can teach you, but YouTube videos are an amazing (and free) source too.

The hardest part about crafting is to start. It’s to carve out time to make sure that you are able to craft. Scheduling and preparing helps, but the motivation to actually do it comes from the idea of just getting started. Laying out the molds, or preparing the oven is the first step, but once that's done, the rest comes easy. Crafting can be tough, but it is rewarding work. To see your creations somewhere, or get a compliment on them is just the best! So, why not give a new craft a go?