Top 11 Pinterest Wedding Cakes inspired by Movies

Top 11 Pinterest Wedding Cakes inspired by Movies

Everyone wants their wedding day to be special, but how is it possible to come up with unique ideas for such an age-old tradition? Well, with cake of course!

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It’s virtually impossible to have an entirely unique wedding. Literally everything has been done before (yep, even a Shrek-themed wedding). However, there are ways to inject a sense of individuality and personality into your celebrations, and one of the easiest ways is through the wedding cake! It’s possible to have an entirely bonkers wedding cake while keeping the rest of the theme very magnolia and rose, which is probably why unique wedding cakes are more popular than ever. While trawling around the internet, as you do, our editors noticed a certain theme for wedding cakes cropping up more and more—cakes inspired by the bride and groom’s favorite movie. We think that’s a pretty neat idea, and took to Pinterest to find the best ones to share with you.

Let the cameras (and cakes) roll…

  • Tangled Wedding Cake—because Disney will always reign supreme in matters of the heart.

Disney Tangled theme wedding cake

  • Star Wars Wedding Cake—when the force is strong between you two, what else could you choose?

Star Wars wedding cake

  • Harry Potter Wedding Cake—we especially like this classy take on the theme.

Harry Potter Wedding Cake

  • Up Wedding Cake—Adorable. Colorful. Playful. What more could you want?

Up Disney wedding cake

  • Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake—for the bride and groom who feel like they've fell down the rabbit hole for each other.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake—it's a bit freaky, and we're into it. 

Nightmare before christmas wedding cake

  • Great Gatsby Wedding Cake—Nothing says sophistication like Art Deco.

Great Gatsby Wedding Cake

  • Princess Bride Wedding Cake—this one's for the cult movie couple. 

Princess Bride Wedding Cake

  • Studio Ghibli Wedding Cake—with a Star Wars tier thrown in for good measure, this Japanese anime-themed cake is a nerdy bride's dream.

Studio Ghibli Wedding Cake

  • Game of Thrones Wedding Cake—just remember not to theme your big day after The Red Wedding...

Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

  • Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cake—unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that this is the hottest movie of 2017. And inspires a pretty darn beautiful cake while it's at it. 

Beauty and the beast wedding cake

All images sourced from Pinterest