3 Crucial Tips for Increasing Your Productivity at The Home Office

3 Crucial Tips for Increasing Your Productivity at The Home Office

There is a very obvious reason why many employers aren’t happy for their staff to work at home. The temptation to watch Netflix, go shopping, take a three-hour lunch break, and scroll Facebook without your manager’s prying eyes can be too much for many of us to resist.

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However, for the freelancers and full-time home office workers out there, there simply isn’t the option to work in a conventional office space. This comes with its pros and cons, but a big con is that it can be incredibly difficult to motivate yourself when in the comfort of your own home. You might feel skeptical, but we’re going to share the big secret to staying productive at home with you, right now: It’s all about the environment and atmosphere you create. Confused? Don’t be—simply follow these three easy steps and watch your productivity levels soar…

#1—De-clutter and deep clean

You may consider that stopping work to organize and clean your working space is in fact the very definition of procrastination, but the benefits afterwards to your concentration levels will be immediate. Not only is excess stuff distracting, giving us something to mess around with, but just like multi-tasking, clutter on our desks causes our brains to feel overloaded, which in turn stresses us out and negatively impacts our ability to think creatively. Dirt, such as crumbs on your keyboard and dust on your shelves is both gross and bad for your health. Make a habit of deep cleaning your working space every two weeks to keep the area fresh and tidy. Under-desk storage is great for hiding away essentials such as stationary that you can’t live without, but certainly don’t need to look at every day.

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#2—Feng shui is your friend

Where you place your home office furniture can have a huge impact on your productivity, according to the art of feng shui. You want your desk to be in the ‘power position’ which means your office chair faces the door. However, you don’t want your desk to be immediately facing the door, or it could have negative consequences because all of your good energy will flow right out of the room. The optimal position is at a diagonal so that you can see the door, but you’re not directly facing it. Having a window which lets in natural light and air is also imperative for keeping your home office space fresh and your mind clear.

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#3—Inspiration station

In the same way that clutter can be distracting, staring at blank walls can also be counterproductive. Carefully choose décor and accents for your home office which inspire you. Wall art with either a relaxing scene of nature (said to help us both de-stress and hone our concentration levels) or a typographic slogan are great choices. Try framing a photo of someone who inspires you to work hard and achieve your goals, whether they are a relative, celebrity or even an animal! Aim to keep colors soothing rather than bold and bright to ensure the overall atmosphere of your space is relaxing rather than hectic.

Inspirational home office wall art

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