7 Ways to Bring Your Holiday Back Home with You

7 Ways to Bring Your Holiday Back Home with You

There’s nothing quite like two solid weeks on an Indonesian beach or a trip-of-a-lifetime to Paris to make you feel down in the dumps about being back home, back to work, and back to reality. Unfortunately, we can’t help much with the back to work issue, but what we can do is offer some easy and practical tips on how to help soften your return home.

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When you’re sipping a piña colada by the pool, it’s easy to feel relaxed, happy and positive about your life. So, when those good vibes slip away once you’re back at home, it’s no problem to see why the post-vacation blues can strike. Often, you might wish that you could somehow bring that feeling of being on holiday back home with you, but aren’t sure where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve put together seven easy breezy tips about how to do just that.

Get ready to say hello holiday to your home…

  • Create a travel-themed accent wall

travel-themed accent wall

Make sure to take a camera with you on your travels, and then use your beautiful memories to create an accent wall in your home—that way you will have a daily reminder of your amazing trip. This is a great solution if your home already has quite a set style, and too much travel-themed décor would look out of place. Start with some floating book shelves to stack books, souvenirs, and framed photographs. Another eye-catching idea is to create a gallery wall of framed photographs and art prints from your vacation. Block out where you want to hang your frames using white masking tape first, and then step as far away as you can from the wall to see how it will all work together.

  • Dot vacation reminders around your whole home

If your décor is in need of a spruce, or you don’t have a particularly strong theme, then this is a fabulous way to bring your holiday back home with you. Make sure that you pick up one or two local souvenirs on your vacation—think small statuettes, hand-woven bowls, ethnic candlesticks, and original art pieces. Then simply intersperse these travel accouterments around your whole home, ensuring every room has some hint of holiday. Try to think outside of the box a bit too. A small figurine can easily replace a standard bookend and a colorful ceramic bowl used for your breakfast cereal offers a daily reminder of your last trip.  

  • Use vacation colors as inspiration

vacation colors. Dream decor by Will Taylor

Image: Dream Decor by Will Taylor

If you’re not a big souvenir fan, but are into interior decorating, then this is the tip for you. One of the best ways to bring your holiday back home with you is by using the colors you saw on your vacation to inspire your travel-themed décor. This works particularly well if you’re willing to go all-out with bold paint and wallpaper. If your trip was to the beach, paint your walls stark white or royal blue, and team it with nautical cushions and rope-finished accents. If you went on a dream vacation to India and felt mesmerized by the rainbow of colors, use multi-colored and embroidered textiles for your drapes, couch covers and rugs to infuse your home with a hit of Bombay-inspired glamour.  

For more inspiration, there are several great books written by interior designers to give you more ideas about how to bring your holiday back home with you. Our editors’ favorites include Bright Bazaar’s Dream Decor and Jason Grant’s Holiday at Home.

  • Re-create the local cuisine

Aside from picking up some cookery items (tagines, crockery, serving dishes for example) on your trip, an effective way to bring back some of your holiday happiness is to re-create the local cuisine back at home. The one thing to remember is that the dish might not taste exactly the same, especially if it requires really local ingredients. Plus, there is something about the sun which always changes how food tastes! But bringing those flavors back into your life will help you to remember what a great time you had, and also encourage you to keep that spirit of trying new things alive. Why not arrange a dinner party with friends where everyone brings a dish inspired by their favorite vacation?

  • Transform one room

How about going all-out with travel-themed décor in just one room of the house? This way you can have a strong vacation vibe in just one space without totally transforming your whole home. If you want to enjoy your holiday-inspired room for a large chunk of your time, then choose the bedroom or living room, as you’re likely to spend most of your time there. If you want just a small hint of that vacation feeling, pick a room such as the bathroom or utility room.

  • Embrace an urban jungle

Embrace an urban jungle

Image: @urbanjungleblog

Often on holiday you will visit somewhere that is rich in nature’s bounty, and it can be depressing (to put it mildly) to return to your city or suburb which is somewhat lacking in palm trees and rolling green hills. To bring some of this holiday vibe back home with you, fill your home with plants and flowers! Air plants and succulents are best for those who work long hours and don’t have much time for harnessing your green thumbs, whereas flowers are fabulous for those who have a little more time to dedicate. Do your research on how often the plants need to be watered and how hot they like it, and then sit back and enjoy your urban jungle! For more inspiration, we love the Urban Jungle Bloggers.

  • It’s all in the attitude

If you can’t afford to transform your home with travel-themed décor (although, don’t forget to check out if there’s any coupons to help out with that!), then there is still a way to bring your holiday home with you. Part of what makes vacations so enjoyable is the way you feel—the weight of responsibilities lifted and the excitement of discovering something new. We’re here to tell you that these feelings are possible to be re-created once you return home! One of the key things to try to incorporate into your everyday is a good work/life balance. Turn your work emails off your phone in the evening. In fact, re-create what it’s like to live without Wi-Fi and put your phone in a drawer for a few hours while you enjoy a book or a bath. Take time out to relax and appreciate all the good things in life! Treat your home city like you’re visiting it for the first time with a free walking tour or a trip to a museum. After all, the world is your oyster!

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